The Granada Theater Ontario believes in transforming lives and creating cultural

unity in the Inland Empire through experiencing the performing arts. We will

shape our regional culture starting at the center of the Inland Empire, in the City

of Ontario, through intentional community artistic programs in diverse forms. We

will establish a standard of excellence in the performing arts pedagogies and

spread creativity knowledge into the region.  

The Granada will be the cultural hub in downtown Ontario and remain deeply

rooted in its heritage and future cultural ambitions. We will embody the origin

identity of the city to be a “model colony” for performing arts centers. 

We will be a model for shaping communities through the arts.


The Granada Theater Ontario (Emmon’s Building) is a recognized City of Ontario historic building. "The original 954 seat Granada Theater was built in 1926… The Portland Cement Company considered it one of the prettiest and most artistic buildings in Southern California… The Granada was the second Fox Theater building on the West Coast and was considered one of the “Baby Foxes”. In addition to showing motion pictures, it was also used to host a live vaudeville theater. The three-story Emmons Building consists of a theater, first floor retail shops, and second and third floor offices. L.A. Smith of Los Angeles was the Architect and Frank W. Edwards of Ontario was the builder… Dr. Calvert Emmons, City Health Official, is responsible for the construction of this grand building… The Emmons Building with the Granada Theater remained in the Emmons family until 1973.” [ontarioca.gov]