The Granada Theatre Ontario is proud to announce our Take-A-Seat campaign! Get the best seat in the house, with your name on it!

By naming a seat at the Granada Theatre Ontario, you make a lasting impression and support your regional arts center.  For a one-time, tax deductible contribution, we inscribe the name(s) of your choice on a plate on the armrest of a seat in our beautiful 554 seat Historic Theater.

  • Name a seat in honor of friends and family or in appreciation of a teacher, minister, or other special person in your life.

  • Place your own name on a seat as a statement of your involvement and support of the Granada Theatre Ontario.

  • Place the name of your business or organization on a seat to demonstrate corporate involvement and support of the performing arts at the Granada Theatre Ontario.

  • Name a seat in memory of a loved one.


Your Plate

  • The name plate remains in place for the life of the seat making this essentially a permanent naming opportunity.

  • Inscriptions will be published in our newsletter and on our website for one year.

  • Naming a seat does not reserve the use of the seat for ticketed performances.



  • Take-A-Row                                  - $325 with plaque  

  • Orchestra Level Seating            - $30 with plaque

  • Orchestra Level Seating            - $25 without plaque

  • Lower Level Seating                   - $25 with plaque 

  • Lower Level Seating                   - $20 without plaque

  • Balcony Seating                          - $20 with plaque

  • Balcony Seating                          - $15 without plaque

303 N Euclid Ave.

Ontario, CA 91762


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